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The Road to a Cure
H-E-L-P Cure Aids
F-*-C-K H-I-V
Suicide Bomber
Cops and Dogs
Works no Longer for Sale:
Nazi Train
The Plaza of Pigs
Raping Nanking
Liberty Mourns the World
The Evolution of Compassion
Police Shooting
Peaceful Protest
Means Not Yet Justified
Public Execution
Race Riot
Final Solution Train
Khmer Rouge Beheading
Where's the Fire?
The Massacre at My Lai
Raping Iraq
The Devil and the Dead
The Evolution of Genocide
The gods of Hiroshima
The City of the Dead
They Can't Kill Us All
Afghanistan in the Middle
March of the Janjaweed
The Great Leap Northward
Something Witchy
Gott Mit Uns
Toul Slang Prison
The Hanging of Masha Bruskina
Study 1
Swords and Bayonets
A Brief History
Jet Effect
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"Unfortunately, I will never run out of
atrocities to paint.

                  -Eric Humphries   
Punching Bag
The Fowlest of Gestures